In the News

Mice make ultrasound with intralaryngeal planar jets: Our paper in Current Biology was covered in several hunderds of papers and websites, a few highlights:


A common mechanism for human and bird sound production: Our paper in Nature Communications was coevered in about 80 papers and websites, mostly in Australia and India, a few highlights:

Science Daily, 15 second interview Eurekalert, Washington DC news, Nature World News, (AUS), Australian (AUS), Daily Telegraph, Scientific Developments (Vietnam), Zurnal (Czech Republic), Ecoticas (Spain), NewsWorldIndia, Wissenschaft (GER), Tiscali News (IT)


Singing in 3D: Our syrinx morphome paper in BMC Biology was well covered by the media, mainly by the BBC in the UK, but also Italy, France, Phillipines, and Denmark. Some highlights:

Interview with Reuters TV, BBC Nature (UK), TVFyn (DK), Videnskab (DK), Ultimo segundo (Brazil), GMA news (Phillipines), Daily Mail (UK), The Independent (UK) stretechd it 'a bit', Ansa (Italy), Nederlands Dagblad (NL), IoL (South Africa), Futura Science (France), LiveScience


Superfast Muscles in Bats: Our paper in Science got widespread global press coverage with many orginal stories; all over western and eastern Europe, the US, Brazil, India, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Australia, etc. In Denmark we proudly made it into Extrabladet, straight up gossip ;). Some highlights:

National Geographic, a hilarious facebook thread based on Nat Geo with some funny comments, New Scientist, New York Times, BBC, Discovery News, Forskning (Norway), DR (Denmark), Information (DK), Politiken (DK), Experimentarium (DK), Videnskab (DK), HS (Finland), Berliner Zeitung (Germany), Wissenschaft online (GER), Stern (GER), Dario Del Web (Italy), RTVS (Spain), The Atjeh Post (Indonesia), IO9, Science Daily, The Naked Scientist, MSNBC, LiveScience, A body building blog ;), and more...


Superfast Muscles in Songbirds: Our paper in PLoS ONE got widespread international press coverage, some highlights:

National Geographic, New York Times photo (USA) and mentioned in New York Times articl, MSNBC (USA), Washington Post (USA), The Telegraph (UK), The Independant (UK), Spiegel (Germany), Morgenwelt (Germany), (Germany), Kr. Dagblad (Denmark), (Denmark), Volkskrant (Netherlands), ADN (Spain), Kopalnia Wiedzy (Poland), OneIndia (India), Kreta Magazine (Hungaria), Descopera (Romania), Animali e animali (Italy), Planet Earth (Greece),, LiveScience, ScienceDaily


Superfast Muscles in Ringdoves: Our paper in Nature got widespread international press coverage, some highlights:

Science News (USA), Science NOW / Science (USA), Animal Planet, (Germany), MorgenWelt (Germany), Scienzz (Germany), Frankfurter (Germany), Noorderlicht / VPRO (Netherlands), NRC (Netherlands), Telegraaf (Netherlands), Wageningen UR (Netherlands), Animal Communication Project, IOL (South Africa), Journal of Experimental Biology